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Some examples of how Bonfire can help you be more productive. Your data is always secure and is never saved. Once you end your session, all data is deleted.

Product requirement documents

PRDs require deep focus, and spend time on the more important parts

Production incident postmortems

Find patterns across multiple RCAs

Engineering spec

It can be easy to miss details in a technical spec.

Engineering documentation

Find details you want across complex documentation

What you can do with PRDs

What is the overall goal of this product requirement document? What problem or need is it trying to address?

What are the main customer problems being solved by this PRD?

What are the security requirements for this product? Are there any data encryption or authentication mechanisms that need to be implemented?

And with RCAs

What was the original problem or incident that triggered the RCA? Can you provide more details about the symptoms and impact of the problem?

What are the key findings and conclusions of the RCA? What are the root causes and contributing factors of the problem?

How should the RCA process be improved or refined for future incidents or problems?