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Automatically generate customer insights

Bonfire helps you categorize open-ended customer feedback so you can save time sorting through responses and start building.

How it works

Group and tag negative feedback without lifting a finger.

Export your feedback as a .csv from your live chat or survey tool.
Upload the file to Bonfire and just sit back and relax.
Watch your negative feedback get automatically grouped and tagged with relevant themes.

Open-ended feedback represents the voice of the customer, but sorting through the responses can be time-consuming. Bonfire makes it easy to listen to your customers by automatically categorizing and tagging negative feedback using artificial intelligence.

Just export a raw .csv of responses from your favorite live chat or survey tool, upload to Bonfire, and start automatically gathering actionable insights.

Export from your favorite tools

From live chat to survey responses, Bonfire's got you covered.

Stop wasting time in spreadsheets

Tagging customer feedback in excel is time consuming and susceptible to manual error. Start reviewing themes for thousands for responses in 5 minutes on average.